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Haha, sorry for the barrage of tunes; this is the band that means a little bit more to me personally, since I write the music for it. Again, hope you enjoy! (Sorry for the poor mixing, it was just a rough single we did by ourselves)

Harbors - Guns

Blue Velvet - James Poole

Check out James Poole! This cover song has a classic sound and features his distinctive voice. Definitely worth a listen.


Darren Campbell - Out of Reach


Darren Campbell - Remember You

Tool - Parabola
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Artist: Tool

Song: Parabola

Album: Lateralus

Dovetail’s debut album, “Mount Karma” (with free download!)


We are submitting the new album “Mount Karma” by the UK six-piece alternative rock band, Dovetail, which was released worldwide October 29th via OK! Good Records.

Produced by Beau Patrick Bedford, “Mount Karma” is an incredible 14 song journey that will surely captivate its listeners. Dovetail clearly draws much of their musical inspiration from 60s and 70s era rock and roll, tapping into the simple yet dynamic arrangements and huge-sounding vocal productions of bands like The Beach Boys, The Byrds and The Beatles. Still, the band is able to create a fresh and modern sound, with frontman Phillip’s voice channeling the likes of Tom Chaplin of Keane, or at times, Matthew Bellamy of Muse. 

You can download the full “Mount Karma” album on Noisetrade for free here:

You can also check out the full “Mount Karma” playlist on SoundCloud by clicking here:

As a testament to the band’s tremendous songwriting capabilities, Dovetail had the honor of winning the 2012 John Lennon Song Writing Contest in the category of Rock Song Of The Year with their song “Julie” which appears on “Mount Karma.”

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Dovetail Facebook:

For fans of: The Byrds, T.Rex, Keane, The Beatles, The Beach Boys.



Listen/purchase: Airhead by Soda Bomb

Cause I’m gonna cradle with the sun
Im gonna watch ya sit alone with just
some candy wrappers and a gun

I’m just too miserable, just talking to myself
unravelling in hell
I think Im doing fine
Im doing just fine
I’m doing alright

Well hey there kid its almost over just relax
Just take a drag and sit alone with just(us)
and take some time re-write the past

I’m just too miserable, just talking to myself
unravelling in hell
I think im doing fine
Im doing just fine
Im doing alright


HEY THERE PEOPLE OF TUMBLR. We are Artisans. We will be trying to expand our fanbase a bit, and your help would be very much appreciated. For all new followers, our bandcamp is its not much right now, but we have a lot coming out before the end of the summer. We’re…


Soda Bomb // Soft Grunge 

i’ll stay away from the confines of my brain and hang around with my best ghost, cause he’s the one that’s around the most

Dangerosa • Massif

The layers of psychadelia swirl from this rock quartet’s new album like the edges of a whirlpool sucking you in with pedal effects and natural chapel reverb.  Over this come waves of beautiful, soaring vocals, piquing curiosity and a drawing you deeper into the wash of color and sound and making you wonder if you should ever turn back.

Dangerosa is a female fronted rock band from Washington, DC, who have just released a new album, Massif,  All pedal effected with gorgeous layers of vocals, the band has been compared to My Bloody Valentine and The Besnard Lakes, and DC Music Download said “Massif is a swirl of color: broad brushstrokes of drums, airbrushed atmospherics, and swirling guitar arpeggios weave together the album’s sonic canvas.” 

The band will be playing shows later this summer and fall up and down the East Coast and the album is available for free from the band’s bandcamp and on Spotify.  You can find more information about them at their Tumblr: